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Situated in the first arrondissement, this Chinese restaurant with rich décor of old columns of pier, old knick-knacks and abundant vegetation give a preeminent place to the cook. 

Chef Vai Kuan Vong excels in Canton preparations, China’s leading gourmet City and his peking duck is a “must”.

From earlier childhood, Chef Vai Kuan Vong, born in Macau, was trained to the most emblematic tradition of Chinese Imperial Cuisine, juggling with the great variety and top quality levels of produces and flavors used in this ancestral art.


He arrived in France in the mids of the "revolution" brought in by Nouvelle Cuisine and decided to revisit in his own way, the models of Chinese cuisine while keeping its original identity. 

Every year, he takes part in international culinary conferences and demonstrations in China; his personal way to export his cuisine so subtly endowed with a French touch and thus enhance Chinese tradition.

Chez Vong restaurant, the other traditions of Chinese cuisine and inventiveness are also honored and Madam Vong directs with a hand of fairy a diligent and smiling service
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10 rue de la Grande Truanderie
75001 Paris


Phone : +33 1 40 39 99 89
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